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Make your neighborhood the next Black Forest Firewise Community

The Firewise Communities program is a citizen-driven process in which neighbors work together to reduce their wildfire risk. You'll create larger areas of fire-adapted forest that improve safety for all. Your efforts will be more effective, efficient... even fun!

The Firewise Communities program is simple:

  1. Get at least five adjacent neighbors to agree to work on fire mitigation as a coordinated effort.
  2. Call Fire Station One at 495-4300 to set up a wildfire risk assessment for your neighborhood.
  3. Set a few neighborhood mitigation goals.
  4. Complete at least one neighborhoood mitigation project.
  5. Have a neighborhood party to celebrate your recognition as a Firewise Community!

Recruit just four more of your neighbors, then call us at 495-4300 to start the process. Together, we can create a safer future for Black Forest!

Click here to see an interactive map of Firewise Communities in our area.

Black Forest Firewise Communities in the news

The Gazette:
"Black Forest seeks 'spark plugs' to rouse Firewise"
Well-attended meeting launches the Firewise Communities program in Black Forest.

"A united front: Black Forest residents urged to view fire mitigation as civic duty"
Huntsman Road neighbors start the Firewise Communities journey with their neighborhood wildfire risk assessment.

Firewise information handouts

We distribute the following information on CD during each free Wildfire Risk Assessment. Click any item below to download and read it now.



Prepare for wildfire

Wildfires are inevitable. Wildfire disasters are not. You can reduce the risk that wildfire will damage or destroy your home. You can keep your family safe when a wildfire approaches. But you must start preparing now. The links below will tell you how to get started.

Links to more information

What’s a Red Flag warning?

Weather forecasters will issue a Red Flag warning when weather conditions are ripe for wildfire.

Wildfire thrives on warm temperatures, dry air, dry fuels, and strong wind. A Red Flag warning means that these conditions have combined in a way that helps fires start easily and grow fast and large. A Red Flag warning may happen at any time of year.

If a wildfire starts on a Red Flag day, it can quickly blow up into a major disaster, such as the Hayman Fire of 2002. But a wildfire can also spread quickly in conditions that aren’t quite bad enough to earn a Red Flag.

So please don’t wait for a Red Flag warning to start being careful with fire. Smart Black Foresters treat every day as a Red Flag day.