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Please be aware that these files are very large, because the complete report contains more than 2,000 pages of text, exhibits and photographs. For the convenience of those with limited time or Internet resources, we have divided the downloadable report into two sections:

Click here to download the report and exhibits only - File #1 of 2. This file measures 109 megabytes.

Click here to download just the photographs - File #2 of 2. This file measures 236 megabytes.

Investigation and Legal Costs

Click here to download a report, to date, of the cost of the independent investigation.

Click here to download a report, to date, of Budget Line Item 422.129 - Legal, Audit, Actuary Expenses.

Adjustments to 2014 budget, and the effect on Station 2 staffing

On April 16, the Board of Directors adjusted line items of the 2014 budget to compensate for the unforeseen expenses related to the independent investigation.

One of these changes has temporarily discontinued part-time staffing at Black Forest Fire Station 2 (Black Forest at Hodgen Roads). Station 2 had been staffed by several different firefighters who are employed full time at other departments; they earn extra money by choosing to work selected shifts at Station 2. The temporary adjustment to the 2014 budget has reduced those firefighters' opportunities for extra income, but this has not caused any individual firefighter to become unemployed.

Click here to see the total calls for service in the four quadrants of the Black Forest Fire/Rescue Protection District, including a comparision of the number of calls for service in the north quadrants and the south quadrants.


Black Forest Fire
Independent Investigation

On Friday, March 14, the Board of Directors of the Black Forest Fire/Rescue Protection District released the report of its independent investigation into the performance of Fire Chief Bob Harvey during the first hours of the Black Forest Fire.

The investigation was conducted to respond to Sheriff Terry Maketa's allegations that Chief Harvey had mismanaged command during the first day of the fire. Dave Fisher, a professional investigator, was engaged by the District's law firm to conduct the investigation and create the report.

Before releasing the report to the public, the District sent the full report, along with all of its exhibits and photographs, to the Fourth Judicial District Attorney. The District Attorney has requested a number of redactions in the content of the report, its exhibits and certain photographs, to protect matters which may continue to be investigated by law enforcement agencies.

The District Board has also made additional redactions in accordance with Colorado State law (to protect the personal information of law enforcement personnel).

In a prepared statement released with the report, Board Chair Edward Bracken stated, "We believe that the report speaks for itself, and is a positive reflection of the efforts of the many fire and law enforcement first responders who fought and ultimately contained this unprecedented and catastrophic fire. As members of the public and the media read the report, we feel confident that the report's findings will more fully exonerate the Chief from allegations of unprofessional behavior or misconduct, which had ultimately caused the public outcry that prompted the investigation."