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Builders/Developers Information

The Black Forest Fire/Rescue Protection District works with The Colorado Springs Fire Department Commercial Plans Division to review, approve, and inspect new and revised building plans. Black Forest will work with deveolpers at any time to relay district information and advised on procedures. 

The links on this site include information, regulations and forms builders and developers are most likely to need during the planning, design and construction process.

If you need to speak with the chief regarding any of these issues please call 719-495-4300.

Pikes Peak Regional Building Department
El Paso County Development Services
  El Paso County Assessor


Black Forest is curently under the 2003 International Fire Code. 


All new and rebuild construction is handled by the Regional Building Department. 

Fire Alarms

Fire Sprinklers

Fixed-Fire Systems

This guideline will help builders and developers who design, install, test, and inspect wet chemical fire extinguishing systems used to protect commercial cooking appliances to comply with NFPA 17A.  The information contained in this document promotes compliance to ensure commercial type food heating and processing operations are adequately protected in the event of a grease fire.


This section includes a Plan Submittal Checklist for fire hydrants and water mains as well as information regarding cisterns for fire protection and the Rural Water Fund.


This section contains a variety of information that doesn’t fit in to the other builder and developer categories. In this section, you’ll find information regarding:

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