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Home Fire Protection

Fire Wise Construction

For most adults, our homes are the single largest purchase we’ll ever make in our lifetimes. As such, we should ensure our homes, and our families, are afforded every protection possible.

The links below offer valuable information about steps you can take to protect your family and home from fire and carbon monoxide. Additionally, there’s information about fire extinguishers, self-inspections you can conduct, and ways to help protect your property from wildland fires.

USFA Campaigns

Smoke Alarm/Detector Basics

Smoke Alarm Factsheet

Ionization vs. Photoelectric

Pikes Peak Wildfire Prevention Partners

Carbon Monoxide


Residential Fire Sprinkler Basics

National Fire Protection Association - http://firesprinklerinitiative.org

Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition - http://homefiresprinkler.org

Orange County Fire Authority's Marble Mountain Sprinkler Demonstration


Fire Sprinkler Fun for Kids! http://www.sprinklersmarts.org


Fire Extinguishers

Residential Self Inspection

After the Fire