Your ISO Score

Effective 2015, the Black Forest Fire Rescue Protection District’s ISO (Insurance Services Office) grading schedule is 4/5. Black Forest is scheduled to be re-evaluated by the ISO in 2020.


Class 4 (Hydrant Area) rating will apply to all residential properties within 1,000 feet of a recognized fire hydrant and within five road miles of any Black Forest fire station or any of our neighboring Automatic Aid Fire Districts stations.

Class 5 ( Non-Hydrant Area) Black Forest has also demonstrated the ability to haul water effectively and maintain a steady hauled water supply through our apparatus and those of our mutual aid partners. If your home is not within the 1,000 feet of a hydrant but still within 5 miles of a fire station your ISO score remains a 5.

The ISO is a nationwide nonprofit service organization that provides rating and other services to property and casualty insurance industries. The ISO was formed in 1971 and is the successor to the National Board of Fire Underwriters (NBFU) which initiated the original municipal fire protection survey in 1889. The objective of the survey is to recognize the impact that effective public fire protection has on individual property fire rates, given that public fire protection can affect the percentage of loss value that could be expected in a fire situation.

The latest revision of the ISO’s Fire Suppression Rating Schedule classifies fire protection into 10 categories, Class 1 recognizing the highest level of fire protection and therefore the lowest annual property insurance premiums and Class 10 recognizing the lowest or no level of fire protection and resulting in the highest annual property insurance premiums. The Fire Suppression Rating Schedule is calculated after an extensive field review and grading of the fire district’s three major sections: Fire Alarm/Dispatch; Fire Department Equipment and Personnel; and Water Supply.

The Fire Alarm/Dispatch section includes the means for the public to report a fire, how the fire department receives the alarm of fire, and how firefighters and companies are alerted and dispatched to the fire. The Fire Department Resource section considers apparatus, equipment, staffing, automatic and mutual aid, pre-fire planning, and training. The Water Supply section considers the supply works, main capacity to deliver fire flow, distribution of hydrants, hydrant size, type, and installation, hydrant inspection and condition, and alternative water supplies. Per the 2002 revision of the Fire Suppression Rating Schedule, fire alarm/dispatch is weighted as 10%, water supply as 40%, and fire department resources as 50% of the total survey rating evaluation.

For further information on ISO grading of fire departments, refer to their web site at

To identify your ISO rating, first visit the El Paso County Assessor’s website ( and verify that you are located within the taxing area of the Black Forest Fire Rescue Protection District. Next, refer to an Internet mapping web page such as Google Maps to determine your driving distance from one of the two Black Forest fire stations or one of our neighboring Automatic Aid fire stations.