Live Safe


Our active children are subject to many dangers in our community. The following links will help you live and have fun safely




There’s a little-known risk to small children

New CPR Technique

CPR is an ever changing technique due to research and outcomes. The new way for the public to perform CPR for their loved ones or a community member is “compression only CPR”. Black Forest Fire is an American Safety and Health Institute training center and can provide classes and instruction in this technique. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a CPR class for you or a group, please contact us at 719-495-4300 or click on the link below.

CPR Request Form


Living in beautiful Colorado can present a new set of challenges with each changing season. Seasonal heavy rains can lead to flooding in rural and urban areas of Black Forest Fire/Rescue Protection District. Springtime and summertime thunderstorms bring extremely dangerous lightning strikes, and winter weather driving conditions can change in the blink of an eye.

The following links are resources adults may find helpful in dealing with many of the situations local residents may face no matter what season we’re experiencing.


The senior population in the United States is growing faster than any other segment in the country. Our aging population has resulted in a number of online resources to help seniors deal with a number of issues, primarily focused on health challenges.

The resources on this page are just a few that seniors may find useful.