This page will be updated with media information as needed, including media releases, incident information and updates to continuing information.

Black Forest Fire Rescue Public Information Officer: 719-495-4300

Richard Nearhoof, Chairman, Board of Directors,

PJ Langmaid, Fire Chief,


Black Forest Fire Rescue uses the Incident Command System (ICS) to organize on-scene activities at emergency incidents. The first arriving fire unit establishes command and names the incident using a geographic location, e.g., the Squirrel Creek fire. Implementing ICS establishes roles and provides order to the emergency event, including the PIO assignment.

A BFFR Public Information Officer responds on an as-needed basis at large fires and other types of emergencies. It’s important to keep in mind that the PIO has multiple responsibilities at an emergency scene and may not be immediately available to the media. In these instances, it’s recommended that b-roll be retrieved from a safe area (see guidelines below) and when the PIO is available he will coordinate additional activities and opportunities.

Fire scene personnel have duties that preclude them from engaging with the media. Please refrain from requesting assistance or approaching them and wait for PIO availability. It is our goal to assist the media as much and as quickly as possible.

Safe Area Guidelines:

  • Stage personnel and vehicles so they don’t impede fire apparatus access, personnel or hose lines.
  • Do not drive over hose lines!
  • Park uphill and upwind at all fire and hazardous material incidents.
  • Be alert while traveling to the scene for emergency vehicles also headed to the scene.
  • Potential hazards to watch for include, but are not limited to:
    • Overhead wires
    • Collapsing structures
    • Toxic smoke
    • Hazardous material
    • High-pressure hose lines
    • Additional emergency vehicles arriving
    • Hazardous footing because of water and/or ice from firefighting efforts