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Demographics and District Map


Black Forest Fire Rescue Protection District covers approximately 52 square miles and provides service to approximately 40,000 friends and neighbors.  Primarily a residential community with some light commercial, the department protects approximately 5,500 structures along with another 1,700 properties with a total assessed value of approximately $3.25 billion.

Black Forest Fire Rescue is a full-time career department comprised of 28 professional Firefighters, an Administrative Officer, an Administrative Assistant, and a part-time Emergency Vehicle Technician. The department provides structural firefighting, wildland firefighting, technical rescue, and EMS transport among many other services.  BFFR is a mutual and automatic aid partner for agencies within El Paso County, Douglas County, and the State of Colorado.

Black Forest Fire Rescue is a strong community partner providing fire mitigation assessments and public education.  The high-visibility address post program assists homeowners in addressing their residence to make it easier to locate them in an emergency.



Station 1 is our headquarters.

 11445 Teachout Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80908

The station was opened in 2003.

Staffing at Station 1 is typically 5 firefighters.

Apparatus at Station 1 include:

  • Engine 711 (Type 1, 750 gallons)
  • Medic 781 (Ambulance)
  • Brush 741 (Type 6)
  • Tender 761 (1800 gallons)
  • Wildland Type 3
  • Reserve Tender
  • Reserve Brush
  • Reserve Engine
  • Command vehicles



16465 Ridge Run Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80908

The station was opened in 2009.

Staffing at Station 2 is typically 3 firefighters.

Apparatus at Station 2 include:

  • Engine 712 (Type 1, 750 gallons)
  • Brush 742 (Type 6)
  • Medic 782 (Ambulance)


District Map

Click here for Black Forest Fire’s District Map.

district map