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Exclusion Timeline

January 17, 2018:       Strategic plan formally adopted by Board of Directors.  Goal #6 under the Financial Resources section is to adopt a standardized process to exclude annexed properties.

January 17, 2018:       Immediately after adopting Strategic Plan the Board stated per the meeting minutes, that they will be, “pursuing the matter of a standardized process for the exclusion of annexed property.”

February 2018:           BFFRPD Director meets with Councilmembers at their office to discuss how to get exclusion completed.

March 2018:                BFFRPD legal counsel contacts City legal counsel to begin process.

June 20, 2018:            BFFRPD legal counsel and City legal counsel layout six steps to collaborate on exclusion.

  •  Step #1:           BFFPRD Board of Directors adopt a Resolution (prepared by BFFRPD legal counsel) for adoption to exclude properties.
  •  Step #2:           Completion of drafting IGA (to be prepared by city legal counsel)
  •  Step #3:           BFFRPD Board adopts IGA.
  •  Step #4:           City Council will consider IGA.
  •  Step #5:           Plan for exclusion will be prepared jointly by attorneys following approval by both  governing bodies.
  •  Ste #6:             Expected order from Court pursuant to Section 32-1-502(6), CRS.

 July 18, 2018:             BFFRPD Board updates exclusion with a unanimous approval of Colorado Springs Exclusion Resolution 2018-04.

July 14, 2020:              Councilmember informs residents during a City Council meeting that they need to put pressure on BF Fire to do something.

 July 15, 2020:             City legal submits a draft IGA to BFFRPD legal counsel for review.

  • Step #2 COMPLETE

July 15, 2020:             Councilmember attends BFFRPD Regular Board Meeting to collaborate and requests detailed property descriptions of all the properties located within the two Sections contained within the City limits.

July 16, 2020:              BFFR places new tab on website for public to follow.  BFFR begins research of all properties located within two Sections within the City limits.

July 20, 2020:              BFFR submits detailed property descriptions of all properties located within the two Sections conatined within the City limits' to Councilmember as requested.

 August 5, 2020:        BFFR submits a revised list of detailed property descriptions, removing properties from exclusion list that are not within the municipality boundaries and that are only within the BFFRPD.

 October 21, 2020:    BFFRPD and City of Colorado Springs have been in contact and are moving towards a Joint Plan with the goal of an orderly and reasonable exclusion.  Additional research of parcels is occuring at this time with goal of making substantive progress within the next four to six weeks.