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Exclusion Timeline

January 17, 2018:       Strategic plan formally adopted by Board of Directors.  Goal #6 under the Financial Resources section is to adopt a standardized process to exclude annexed properties.

January 17, 2018:       Immediately after adopting Strategic Plan the Board stated per the meeting minutes, that they will be, “pursuing the matter of a standardized process for the exclusion of annexed property.”

February 2018:           BFFRPD Director meets with Councilmembers at their office to discuss how to get exclusion completed.

March 2018:                BFFRPD legal counsel contacts City legal counsel to begin process.

June 20, 2018:            BFFRPD legal counsel and City legal counsel layout six steps to collaborate on exclusion.

  •  Step #1:           BFFPRD Board of Directors adopt a Resolution (prepared by BFFRPD legal counsel) for adoption to exclude properties.
  •  Step #2:           Completion of drafting IGA (to be prepared by city legal counsel)
  •  Step #3:           BFFRPD Board adopts IGA.
  •  Step #4:           City Council will consider IGA.
  •  Step #5:           Plan for exclusion will be prepared jointly by attorneys following approval by both                                 governing bodies.
  •  Ste #6:             Expected order from Court pursuant to Section 32-1-502(6), CRS.

 July 18, 2018:             BFFRPD Board updates exclusion with a unanimous approval of Colorado Springs Exclusion Resolution 2018-04.

July 14, 2020:              Councilmember informs residents during a City Council meeting that they need to put pressure on BF Fire to do something.

 July 15, 2020:             City legal submits a draft IGA to BFFRPD legal counsel for review.

  • Step #2 COMPLETE

July 15, 2020:             Councilmember attends BFFRPD Regular Board Meeting to collaborate and requests detailed property descriptions of all the properties located within the two Sections contained within the City limits.

July 16, 2020:              BFFR places new tab on website for public to follow.  BFFR begins research of all properties located within two Sections within the City limits.

July 20, 2020:              BFFR submits detailed property descriptions of all properties located within the two Sections conatined within the City limits' to Councilmember as requested.

 August 5, 2020:        BFFR submits a revised list of detailed property descriptions, removing properties from exclusion list that are not within the municipality boundaries and that are only within the BFFRPD.