Family Home Evacuation Plan

Every Second Counts

The Ready, Set, Go! or (RSG) program was established by the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) to assist home owners in preparing for a potential evacuation of their home in the event of a natural disaster or Wildfire.

Black Forest Fire Rescue is an active member of the program and can provide information and education in preparing for this situation.

Creating a Ready Set Go plan involves three main steps:

  • Be Ready: This step involves preparing your home and property for wildfire by creating defensible space, using fire-resistant building materials, and ensuring that your home has proper ventilation and clear gutters.
  • Get Set: This step involves preparing yourself and your family for evacuation. It includes packing an evacuation kit with essentials such as food, water, clothing, and medications, and developing a family communication plan.
  • Go: This step involves leaving early when a wildfire approaches. It is important to follow evacuation orders and have a designated meeting place for your family.

Build Your Plan Today!

To create a Ready Set Go plan, you can start by using the resources provided by organizations like the National Fire Protection Association and the American Red Cross. These resources offer checklists and guides to help you prepare your home, family, and property for wildfire.

The links below are for the Ready, Set, Go program and will help you prepare for an evacuation.

Ready, Set , Go! Wildland Fire Action Plan (English)

Ready, Set, Go! Wildland Fire Action Plan (Spanish)