Fire Prevention/ Compliance

Attention Builders/ Developers!

Commercial Development

Black Forest Fire Rescue has established a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Fire Marshal’s Office of the Colorado Springs Fire Department to conduct commercial plan reviews and inspections, including fire sprinkler systems on all new commercial development. For all commercial building projects, the Colorado Springs Fire Marshal’s Office can be contacted using the following information:

Residential Construction/Remodeling

For any inspections, plan reviews, or permits regarding residential construction, contact Pikes Peak Regional Building.

Land Use/Development

Applicants shall demonstrate full compliance and conformance with El Paso County’s adopted Land Development Code (LDC), Engineering Criteria Manual (ECM), adopted International Fire Code (IFC), and all other adopted codes, provisions, or statutes that impact fire safety to include access/egress, water supply, hardening of structures, addressing, fire protection systems, etc.  The applicant shall submit a comprehensive fire protection report from a qualified fire protection engineer that is licensed as a Professional Engineer (PE) by the Colorado State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers to demonstrate conformance to all requirements.  Furthermore, the District does not support any waivers or variances that negatively impact any fire safety provisions including access/egress, water supply, hardening of structures, addressing, fire protections systems, etc.

Below is a helpful link of Fire Protection Engineers in the region.

Click Here for the link to the Society of Fire Protection Engineers website

(Please note that to be considered as a licensed Professional Engineer, the engineer must have “PE” in their title, which is a requirement we have.)