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Flying Horse North 

Black Forest Community,


Recently an excellent question arose as a result of the Flying Horse North Development LLC. neighborhood meetings.  The question was why the developer would be setting aside a potential site for a new fire station a half mile away from an existing fire station.  This question is best answered by your fire department.


Throughout 2021, the Black Forest Fire Rescue Protection District (BFFRPD) has been researching how best to increase capacity and operational capabilities in the north part of our community.  The existing fire station (Black Forest Station #2) was not planned, designed, or constructed to facilitate the professional career firefighting force that your fire department has become over the last three years.


The challenges are numerous from the limited size of the structure, room capacity already exceeded, and insufficient infrastructure from the waste water system to the need to be able to shelter community members during blizzards. Currently, your fire department is constricted to staffing that location with a maximum of only four firefighters.  The goal will continue to be to get staffing at that location at a minimum of eight personnel with an ideal of ten plus to provide service to that remote area of our community.


Therefore, over 2021, the leadership of BFFRPD has been working diligently to develop a plan to increase the capacity and working towards reasonable solutions that would limit spending.  When Flying Horse Development, LLC. proactively approached BFFR regarding what challenges we would have regarding an increase in development, we indicated that with them already addressing firefighting water supplies, fire apparatus access, and evacuation routes, the only challenges we would continue to have was our pre-existing challenge of increasing capacity.


This is the reason Flying Horse North Development LLC. merely recommended a potential fire station site within the scope of their project.  No negotiations have occurred between BFFRPD or the developer on an actual fire station site or fire station construction.  We appreciate that the development group was considerate of being proactive and listening to our concerns from a public safety perspective and that they are working towards assisting in the solutions of those concerns.


If anyone has questions specific to the firefighting needs of the community, we welcome the opportunity to meet with you in order to provide greater clarity on these challenges.


Thank you to the entire community for the continued support of Black Forest Fire Rescue.