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Governers Burn Ban 8-20-2020

Letter from Governor Polis

Our heroes on the front lines can only do so much. The Governor is asking all Coloradans to be extra diligent about fire safety right now, given the simultaneous burden and threat of COVID-19. Colorado is hot and dry, and something as small as a cigarette butt or a spark from a vehicle can start a fire - not to mention sources like campfires or fireworks. For those of you living in the wildland-urban interface, take the time to mitigate the threat of fire danger on your property.


Given what’s at stake, the Governor will be issuing a 30-day statewide ban on open fires, which goes into effect Thursday morning. Three of the four fires we are currently fighting are believed to be caused by human activity. We need to do everything we can to prevent new fires from starting. The ban will be in effect for all counties and prohibit all campfires, fireworks, and other open sources of ignition. Home barbecues, public grills, camp stoves, and approved covered fire pits will be permissible. Every county in Western Colorado already has this in place, with the exception of Ouray, Delta and Chaffee, but this statewide measure provides clarity of message and will reduce all of our risks.