Important Fire Safety Information for Your Building Projects

Black Forest Fire Rescue is committed to ensuring the safety of the community, and we have established partnerships with relevant authorities to make this possible. If you’re planning a commercial building project, we have important information for you regarding fire safety.

Commercial Plan Reviews and Inspections

We have an MOU with the Fire Marshal’s Office of the Colorado Springs Fire Department to conduct commercial plan reviews and inspections, including fire sprinkler systems. For all commercial building projects, you can contact the Colorado Springs Fire Marshal’s Office for inspections and plans review at 719-385-7352 and for sprinklers and alarms at 719-385-7361. They are located at Regional Building Department at 2880 International Circle, Suite #200-7.

Fire Access and Road Information

Black Forest Fire Rescue has created a guidance document to help you understand our requirements for road and fire access. For more information or if you have any questions, contact our Administration Office at 719-495-4300. You can access the 2020 Guidance Document Access and Roads.pdf here.

Firefighting Water Supply and Cistern Information

To comply with BFFRPD standards, your development project must meet certain requirements for water and cisterns. We have developed a guide that provides all the essential information about these requirements. You can access the Cistern and Dry-Hydrant Specifications.pdf here.

Firefighting Water Requirements for Commercial Buildings

For commercial building plans review and inspections, Black Forest Fire Rescue works directly with Colorado Springs Fire Department. You can find initial guidance on water supply requirements for fire protection on their website. We also follow NFPA 1142 (2015) Water supply for Rural Firefighting, which provides guidance if building in an area with no distributed water supply.

We are here to help you ensure that your building project meets all fire safety requirements. Contact us for more information or to schedule an inspection.

Black Forest Fire Rescue Protection District Commitment Letter
A fire commitment letter is a document that confirms a fire district’s ability to provide fire protection services to a specific area or location. This letter is usually required by other entities such as insurance companies, banks, or government agencies when they need assurance that a particular area is protected by a fire department.

To obtain a fire commitment letter from Black Forest Fire Rescue, interested parties can print out the required document and follow the instructions provided. It is important to attach all the necessary documents in a packet and submit them to the entity requesting the commitment letter.

Fire Commitment Letter 2023.pdf

Fire Protection Reports
Due to a recent change in our administrative staffing, the Black Forest Fire Rescue is no longer able to provide fire protection reports for development projects. Unfortunately, this change has resulted in the loss of our qualified personnel who was responsible for writing these reports. Therefore, we advise any parties interested in development projects to seek the services of a licensed Colorado fire protection engineer to ensure compliance with Colorado state law. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and we are committed to providing support during this transition period. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.