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Insurance Info for Homeowners/Insurance Companies

A red firetruck parked in front of a station

The following information will assist homeowners and insurance agents in determining the capabilities of the Black Forest Fire Rescue Protection District. 

To Determine if you are in The Black Forest Fire Rescue Protection District go to  and perform a parcel search with your address and then go to taxing entities and look under Fire Department. If it says Black Forest Fire Rescue, you are in our district..  


1. Black Forest Fire Rescue is a career department with 28 career Firefighters, 1 Administrative Officer, 1 part-time emergency vehicle technician, 4 temporary wildland technicians and a small contigent of volunteer EMS personnel.  BFFR operates three rotating 24 hour shifts with 8 firefighters per shift. 

2. Black Forest has a protection class of 5 within the entire protection district.

3. Our average response time within the district is 8.77 minutes 

4. Our initial response to a structure fire is 2 engines, one with 500 gallons of water and a second with 750 gallons of water and 1 tender with 1800 gallons of water. These apparatus allows us a fire flow of 250 gpm for the first 10 minutes.

5. Upon arrival of automatic aid companies from our neighboring agencies, we can anticipate an additional  2 engines (1ooo gal), 2 tenders (4000 gal)  for an additional fire flow of 250 gPM for an additional 16 minutes. This is until the hauled water shuttle system is established and we can achieve a continuous hauled water supply.

6. Black Forest has a limited hydrant system within the the district. If the home is within 1000 feet of a working hydrant the ISO protection rating is a 4.

7. Black Forest Fire Rescues primary firefighting water source is hauled water.  This is accomplished through firefighting water cisterns, dry hydrants on ponds, and use of the limited hydrants within the district. 

8. Black Forest Fire Rescue has two stations which are staffed 24/7..

BFFR station #1, Located at 11445 Teachout road Colorado Springs, Colorado 80908

BFFR station # 2, Located at 16465 Ridge Run Drive, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80908

9. Our average intial response is 8 Firefighters and 1 command level officer. Our automatic aid partners provide an additional 8-10 Firefighters and an additional 1-2  command level officers. Additional personnel and appratus are requested (mutual aid) as needed to support operations.