The Operations Division, overseen by our Deputy Chief of Operations, is the largest division at Black Forest Fire Rescue. Comprised of highly trained fire service professionals, this division is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the district, and responds to both emergency and non-emergency calls from our two district fire stations. Our operations personnel work a 48-hours on / 96-hours off schedule, ensuring that they are available and ready to respond to calls 24 hours a day.

As authorized by the district, we have 8 firefighters on duty per day, which includes paramedics. Additionally, on some days, we have 2 wildland technicians and 2 volunteer EMTs on duty, demonstrating our commitment to providing adequate staffing to respond to emergencies effectively. On severe weather days, we increase our staffing to improve the safety of the community.

In addition to emergency response, the Operations Division also oversees and manages our Training, EMS, Wildland, and Special Operations programs, playing a critical role in ensuring that our personnel are well-prepared and well-equipped to handle any situation that may arise.

Calls per year
Training hours per year
Firefighters on duty per day
Black Forest Fire Rescue Firefighters preforming a rope Rescue training.
Black Forest Fire Rescue fighters preforming ice Rescue training.
Black Forest Fire Rescue preforming extrication training.

Specialized Services

The Operations Division is an all-hazards response organization that is prepared and trained to mitigate emergency incidents such as:

Emergency Medical Services (Advance Life Support response and transport)
Motor Vehicle Accidents/Extrication
Physical Entrapments
Fire Suppression
Wildland Fire
Odor Investigations
Gas Leaks
Hazardous Materials
Technical Rescue:

    • Water Rescue (Surface)
    • Ice Rescue
    • Trench Collapse
    • Building Collapse
    • Confined Space
    • Rope Rescue (Low and High Angle)