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Slash Pile/ Open Burning Guidelines for El Paso County

El Paso County Sheriffs Office Fire Information 

Slash Pile Burning Guidelines Brochure – PDF

Open burn permit EPC Dept. of Health link

 EPC Open Burn Ordinance 21-001


  • Persons must obtain an Open Burning Air Permit from the County Health Department. EPC County Health Permit Website
  • Arrange for a site visit with the Black Forest Fire/Rescue District, (this is required prior to permit approval).
  • Obtaining an “Open Burning Permit from the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office. (Must be approved and signed by the Sheriff’s Office and the Fire District)
  • Maintaining a copy of the approved permit on-site of the burn.
  • Persons with an Open Burning Permit must notify the Sheriff’s Office and Fire District one hour before commencing burn and at the completion of the burn.
  • Open burns must be constantly and directly attended and observed at all times. Extinguishing equipment must be available for immediate use.
  • Burns must be conducted 50’ or more from any structure or combustible fence.
  • Burns may only be conducted when actual or predicted wind speeds are 10 mph or less.
  • For burns above 7000 feet in elevation there must be a minimum of 3” of snow on the ground around slash piles.
  • Pile size may be up to 8’ wide x 8' long x 8' high with no material greater than 4” in diameter.
  • If the burn is conducted by someone other than the legal property owner, written permission must be obtained from the legal property owner and submitted with the burn permit.
  • A reasonable effort must be made to contact and notify adjacent property owners/neighbors prior to burning.
  • No vegitation management burnng may take place during RED FLAG days within properties fire weather zone (226 for Black Forest) or during STAGE I or STAGE II Restrictions.