Wildfire Prevention & Protection

Prevent and Protect our Community From Wildfires

Welcome to Black Forest Fire Rescue Protection District! Our district covers 52 square miles and has a population of around 40,000 people. The Black Forest is mainly located in boundary areas or in the urban interface, where homes meet the wildlands, including grasslands and forest. These areas are covered with vegetation that can sustain wildfire and promote destructive wildfires.

We want to work with our community, local fire departments, citizens, and agencies to mitigate and manage the wildfire danger in the Black Forest and surrounding areas. Our goal is to create the safest environment for everyone.

As many homes in our district are located within the urban interface, it is crucial that homeowners work with us to create a defensible space and defendable structures. This not only helps themselves but their entire community. For additional information on protecting your property, please visit the Colorado State Forestry Service Wildland Mitigation for Property Owners.

Our staff is trained and prepared to help homeowners better protect their families, homes, and property. We offer Firewise assessments free of charge to our local property owners. Our firefighters will be performing Rapid Wildfire Risk assessments on each property throughout the fire district to help assess the wildfire hazard and mitigation needs. We will provide each property owner a scorecard with the risk assessment of that property.

If you would like us to perform a more detailed Firewise assessment of your property which will provide helpful suggestions on how to make your property more defendable and survivable, please fill out the form below and we will contact you to set an appointment for your Firewise assessment.

Let’s take proactive steps to mitigate and manage wildfire danger in the Black Forest and surrounding areas. Click the link below and visit our Firewise Program page for more information and to schedule a Firewise assessment for your property.