Black Forest Fire Rescue

Who we are at Black Forest Fire Rescue

Our Mission

“As an all-hazards agency, we serve and protect the community with compassion, professionalism, and good moral character. We accomplish this mission with diligent preparedness, community risk analysis, and an effective response by a dedicated team.”

Our Vision

“Always Ready. Always Forward. Always Learning.”

Core Values

Duty: Fulfilling the obligations and responsibilities of our profession.
Honor: An active regard for the high standards of our profession.
Integrity: The firm adherence to a code of conduct that exemplifies our profession.
Humility: To serve our community and profession without arrogance or self-interest.
Discipline: A professional state of good order, free from comfort or complacency

Firefighter inside burn building
Firefighter climbing a ladder


Black Forest Fire Rescue Protection District covers approximately 52 square miles and provides service to approximately 40,000 friends and neighbors. Primarily a residential community with some light commercial, the department protects approximately 5,500 structures along with another 1,700 properties with a total market value of approximately $4.77 billion.

Black Forest Fire Rescue is a full-time career department comprised of 30 professional Firefighters, an Administrative Officer, a Director of Public Relations, and a part-time Emergency Vehicle Technician. The department provides structural firefighting, wildland firefighting, technical rescue, and EMS transport among many other services. BFFR is a mutual and automatic aid partner for agencies within El Paso County, Douglas County, and the State of Colorado.

History of BFFR

The Black Forest Fire Rescue Protection District (BFFRPD) has a history rooted in community spirit. It started in 1945 with efforts to control fires using basic equipment. Over time, the community got a dedicated pickup and built a firehouse. The department learned and grew through collaboration with experts.

In 1955, they formed a board and upgraded their firefighting capabilities with better trucks and equipment. They built a modern firehouse with community support. This history of determination paved the way for the BFFRPD we know today. In 1967, the citizens of Black Forest Fire Rescue Protection District held an election and approved the organization of a tax-supported fire district, declaring the district as a governmental subdivision of the state of Colorado. The ability of the fire district to assess property owners mill levy based on their property value provided a realiable source of funds for the district.

However, a significant transformation has occurred. BFFRPD has evolved from a volunteer department into a career-focused organization. In line with modern firefighting standards, they have transitioned to a professional team dedicated to ensuring the safety of the Black Forest area. With a skilled and committed workforce, they continue their mission to protect the community from fires and emergencies.

Drone picture of Black Forest Fire Rescue station 1

Station 1

Station 1 is our headquarters.

11445 Teachout Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80908

The station was opened in 2003.

Staffing at Station 1 is typically 5 firefighters.

Apparatus at Station 1 include:

  • Engine 711 (Type 1, 750 gallons)
  • Medic 781 (Ambulance)
  • Brush 741 (Type 6)
  • Tender 761 (1800 gallons)
  • Wildland Type 3
  • Reserve Tender
  • Reserve Brush
  • Reserve Engine
  • Command vehicles

Station 2

16465 Ridge Run Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80908

The station was opened in 2009.

Staffing at Station 2 is typically 3 firefighters.

Apparatus at Station 2 include:

  • Engine 712 (Type 1, 750 gallons)
  • Brush 742 (Type 6)
  • Medic 782 (Ambulance)

District Map

Click here for Black Forest Fire’s District Map

You can search an address on the El Paso County Assessor Page to determine if it is part of Black Forest Fire Rescue Protection District.