The Training Division of Black Forest Fire Rescue plays a critical role in the success of our department by ensuring that all employees have access to the necessary educational resources and events to support their skills in delivering high-quality emergency services to the citizens and visitors of the Black Forest Rescue Fire District. Our Training Captain oversees all training initiatives to ensure their quality and effectiveness.

At Black Forest Fire Rescue, we recognize that training is a crucial part of our department’s mission, and we have made it a major focus and priority. While on-duty, our firefighters spend 20% of their time training. This reflects our unwavering dedication to maintaining the highest standards of service. We firmly believe that the success of our department depends on the ongoing development and enhancement of our employees’ skills through continuous training and education.

Training Facility

Black Forest Fire Rescue Firehouse 1 is home to our agency’s primary training grounds, as well as those of neighboring Fire/EMS/Law Enforcement agencies. We are committed to fostering interagency/interdisciplinary relationships and enhancing our emergency response capabilities by sharing our training functions with other agencies.

At Black Forest Fire Rescue, we recognize the importance of collaboration and cooperation in effectively responding to emergencies. By sharing our training resources and expertise with our neighboring agencies, we can work together to provide the highest level of service to our community. We are proud to play a leading role in these efforts and look forward to continuing to work closely with our partners in the Fire/EMS/Law Enforcement community.

Firefighters preforming vehicle extrication training
Firefighter climbing a ladder