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Emergency Preparedness

Emergency preparedness is not just the responsibility of a fire department but also of the community it serves. In a fire district, the community can have emergency preparedness by being informed, having a plan, and being ready to act.

Having a plan is crucial in emergency preparedness. Residents should create a household emergency plan that includes meeting places, evacuation routes, and important contact information. They should also prepare emergency kits with essentials like water, non-perishable food, first aid supplies, and important documents.

Finally, being ready to act is the most important part of emergency preparedness. This means knowing when to evacuate and following evacuation orders, having a designated meeting place for family members, and staying informed about the situation. In a fire district, residents can also assist their local fire department by being aware of fire risks in their community and taking steps to reduce those risks, such as clearing brush around their homes.

By working together with their local fire department and taking these steps towards emergency preparedness, the community in a fire district can help ensure their safety and readiness in the event of an emergency.