Black Forest Fire Rescue Protection District

Fire Commitment Letter

A fire commitment letter is a document that confirms a fire district’s ability to provide fire protection services to a specific area or location. This letter is usually required by other entities such as insurance companies, banks, or government agencies when they need assurance that a particular area is protected by a fire department.

To obtain a fire commitment letter from Black Forest Fire Rescue, interested parties can print out the required document and follow the instructions provided. It is important to attach all the necessary documents in a packet and submit them to the entity requesting the commitment letter.

Fire Commitment Letter 2023.pdf

Fire Protection Reports

Black Forest Fire Rescue is no longer able to provide fire protection reports for development projects. The responsibility of obtaining a fire protection report falls on the developer. We advise any parties interested in development projects to seek the services of a licensed Colorado fire protection engineer to ensure compliance with Colorado state law.

Please Note:

Applicants shall demonstrate full compliance and conformance with El Paso County’s adopted Land Development Code (LDC), Engineering Criteria Manual (ECM), adopted International Fire Code (IFC), and all other adopted codes, provisions, or statutes that impact fire safety to include access/egress, water supply, hardening of structures, addressing, fire protection systems, etc.  The applicant shall submit a comprehensive fire protection report from a qualified fire protection engineer that is licensed as a Professional Engineer (PE) by the Colorado State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers to demonstrate conformance to all requirements.  Furthermore, the District does not support any waivers or variances that negatively impact any fire safety provisions including access/egress, water supply, hardening of structures, addressing, fire protections systems, etc.”