Wildland Mitigation

Help Protect Our Forest!

Wildland mitigation is a crucial effort that aims to reduce the risk and impact of wildfires in areas where homes and other structures are located close to natural, wildland areas. The Black Forest Fire Rescue Protection District covers a large area with a significant population, much of which is located in what is known as the “urban interface,” where homes meet wildlands. Vegetation in these areas can contribute to the spread of wildfires, which can be very destructive, and there is a history of wildfires in the area.

Benefits of wildland mitigation

  • Reduces the risk and impact of wildfires which helps protect homes, businesses, and other structures, as well as the natural environment and wildlife in the area.
  • Helps ensure the safety of residents and firefighters during wildfire events, by reducing the speed and intensity of the fire and providing better access for firefighters.
  • Can lower the cost of firefighting efforts and reduce the risk of post-fire flooding and erosion.

How Black Forest Fire Rescue can help:

The Black Forest Fire Rescue Protection District is committed to working with other organizations and homeowners to mitigate the risk of wildfires in the Black Forest and surrounding areas. Homeowners can take an active role in protecting their properties from wildfires by requesting a Firewise assessment from the district. During a Firewise assessment, firefighters will evaluate the homeowner’s property and provide recommendations on how to mitigate potential areas of concern, such as vegetation or structures that are not adequately protected. This personalized service is an excellent opportunity for homeowners to get expert advice on protecting their homes and families from the risk of wildfire.