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Black Forest Fire Rescue has a team of trained wildland firefighters who are ready to be deployed to fires across the country when needed. The Black Forest Wildland Program also provides education and training for local residents to help them better understand how to protect their property from wildfires.

The program is important because wildfires can spread quickly and become difficult to control. They pose a significant threat to property and human life. By having a trained team of firefighters and educating local residents on fire prevention and safety, the Black Forest Wildland Program helps to reduce the risk of wildfires and minimize their impact on the community.

  • Local Wildland Technicians
    • Local wildland technicians are responsible for managing and mitigating the risk of wildfires in their community. They assess wildfire risks, develop prevention and suppression plans, and provide public education. They also assist in efforts to reduce the risk of wildfires by conducting prescribed burns, clearing vegetation, and enforcing burn restrictions.
    • Some of their key responsibilities include:
      • Wildfire assessments and mitigation help
      • Enforcing burn restrictions
        • Stage I & II
        • Red Flag Days
        • Fire Danger Signs
      • Issuing burn permits.
        • Recreational
        • Slash Pile


  • Deployments
    • Black Forest Fire Rescue's Wildland Deployment Program is designed to provide additional resources and support during large-scale emergency situations, such as wildfires. The program involves deploying trained firefighters and specialized equipment to assist with the suppression and containment of wildfires in other regions. The goal is to protect communities and ecosystems from the devastating effects of these events. The program is coordinated at the local level by Black Forest Fire Rescue.


  • Supplemental Program